Team Building

Team Building Training Sessions:

Session Title Description
  Team Building & Partnering
Effective Team Building Building a team is similar to building a house – you have to start from the ground up. A team is made up of individuals with different talents, skills, and personal working styles. Learning to work together as a group can be as challenging as it is rewarding.
Building Relationships and Influencing Others     The Building Relationships and Influencing Others training session provides a foundation for the following topics: Building Relationships; Why Influence; Becoming a Strategic Partner; Planning Your Influence Attempt; Influence and Follow-Up
Being an Effective Team Member This session covers strategies and techniques to help you become an effective and valued member of your team. Specifically, you’ll explore ways for adopting a positive approach to being on a team, like recognizing the benefits of working on a team and learning to tolerate team member differences. You’ll also learn how to work proactively and collaboratively with members of your team as you achieve your team’s goals. A truly effective team is equal to more than the sum of its parts. And it takes the dedication of every member of the team. Effective team members go beyond themselves and their personal desires and goals. If you want to be an effective team member, your challenge is to put the team first, which means maximizing your contributions to help the team accomplish its purpose.