Leadership Development

Leadership & Effective Management Training Sessions

Session Title Description
  Leadership & Effective Management
Leadership Execution  Leadership Execution is focused on achieving results. The goal is to teach the participant how to turn ideas into actions and dreams into reality. This session will provide the participant with the basic information needed to create an execution culture in their organization. The participant will see how an execution culture helps their organization deliver value to their customers as well as achieve operational excellence.
Delegation Skills for Leaders Delegation Skills for Leaders is designed to help leaders “understand” the role of delegating as part of the management process:*Identify delegation strengths and remove the obstacles that may get in the way of successful delegation*Determine the appropriate tasks to delegate and select the right people to do them*Learn the important management skills required to successfully delegate
Leadership Essentials Motivating Employees This session provides the learner with an understanding of why motivating strategies are important as a leader. It also provides learners with practical techniques for encouraging motivation among employees in their organization.
Management Essentials Directing Others  The role of a manager is not only to supervise, but also to lead, develop, and direct their employees to accomplish organizational goals. This session provides information on the key proficiencies required to effectively direct others.