“Effective” Communication

Effective Communication Training Sessions

Session Title Description
  Effective Communication
Creating Win–Win Solutions         During this session the participant will gain an understanding of the various causes and outcomes of conflict in the work environment. The participants will gain skills in conflict management as well as collaborative work approaches.
Conflict Management Learning to resolve disagreements constructively is the key to maintaining healthy work relationships and fostering a productive workplace. Conflict Management helps the participants improve their interpersonal, communication, and mediation skills. With the proper understanding of the nature of conflict and with the tools to handle disagreements constructively, the participants will be able to enrich their work, their relationships, and their careers.
Effective Team Communications In this session, the participant will learn the importance of fostering a team environment that encourages open and supportive communication. Learning to speak up and encouraging others to open up are important to a team’s success. Effective communication is the fuel that will keep a team going to the finish line. The participants will learn to recognize common verbal barriers that can seriously interfere with team productivity and learn strategies for eliminating those barriers.